Cheyenne County

Places to Visit

Arikaree Breaks

Known as The Grand Canyon of Kansas

The breaks are located on the extreme northern edge of Cheyenne County. This area of extremely rough terrain, with its deep ravines and gullies is a marked contrast to the plains generally associated with the area. The breaks were formed by wind deposited sand, silt, and clay particles, called loess. After deposition, the loess has undergone spectacular processes of head cutting and sidewall cutting the advancing tributaries of the Arikaree River and the South Fork of the Republican River.

St. Francis Motorcycle Museum

Located at 110 E. Washington Street, St. Francis, KS

​The St. Francis Motorcycle Museum houses approximately 149 vintage motorcycles from more than 40 manufacturers including ACE, Cleveland, Jefferson, Emblem, Excelsior, Flanders, Harley-Davidson, Henderson, Indian, Marsh-Metz, Reading Standard, Pope, Thor, Yale, Feilbach Limited, Iver Johnson, and others.

Tri-State Antique Engine & Threshers Association

Located just east of Bird City, since 1953 the Thresher Show has been going on. An amazing collection of tractors, steam traction engines, implements and items of farming and agriculture history. Visit their complex of 31 building, open every Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. They also put on four shows a year: The Military Show the last Friday and Saturday in April, The July Fourth fireworks display, The Thresher Show the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in July and The Tri-State Mule & Draft Horse Show the second Friday and Saturday in October.

For more information visit their website at

Cheyenne County History Museum

201 W Hwy. 36 St Francis, KS 67756 For more information, contact 785-332-3569 or 785-332-2504

Cherry Creek Encampment

2 miles northwest of the intersection
of Highways K-27 and US-36

Following the massacre of the Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek on November 29, 1864, near the town of Chivington, Colorado, survivors made their way to a camp on the Smoky River.
The Cheyenne were so angry about the atrocities committed against their people that they sent around the war pipe at once. The pipe was taken to Spotted Tail and Pawnee Killer’s Sioux, the Cheyenne Dog soldiers, and the Northern Arapahos. In response, all of these tribes moved and camped on Cherry Creek. It is written that nearly 3,000 Indians gathered here.

3 Corners

Stand in three states at one time.

Devils Gap

Horsethief Cave

This is one of several caves in the Arikaree Breaks. Most of this cave has caved in over the years with only the entrance being left. This was a large two-chamber cave used to hide stolen horses. The horses were kept in the large back chamber while the outlaws used the front chamber as their living quarters. This cave was last used in 1878.

Keller Pond

Features a 5/8 mile ADA Trail complete with rest stops and shade. Its the perfect place for a picnic and a stroll.

Round Hole Campsite

A camp for military men, under the leadership of General Custer, Colonel Bankhead and Lt. Colonel Bradley, and Native Americans, Round Hole Campsite is marked 11 miles north of Bird City on Highway 161, memorializing this “oasis on the plains.”

Hunting & Fishing in Cheyenne County

Places to Eat

The World Famous Big Ed’s Steak House

104 W. Bressler
Bird City, Kansas 67731

Fresh Seven Coffee

314 W. Washington
St. Francis, Kansas 67756

Bird City Cafe

104 W. Bressler
Bird City, Kansas 67731

El Jalapeno Mexican Restaurant

105 W. US Highway 36
St. Francis, Kansas 67756

Hometown Perk

413 E. Washington

St. Francis, Kansas 67756

Los Jarochos

2845 US-36

Bird City, Kansas 67731


Hilltop Dinner

707 South Benton
St. Francis, Kansas 67756

Diamond R Bar & Grill

118 W. Washington
St. Francis, Kansas 67756

Caddy Shack at Riverside

1215 W. U.S. Highway 36
St. Francis, Kansas 67756

Pizza Hut

620 W. U.S. Business Highway 36
St. Francis, Kansas 67756


510 W. U.S. Highway 36
St. Francis, Kansas 67756

The Spencer House Bed & Breakfast


110 E Spencer
St. Francis, KS 67756

The Jackson Suite


217 W. Jackson
St. Francis, KS 67756

The Jackson Suite is a 2 bedroom guest house in St. Francis that is fully furnished and within walking distance of downtown.

Tree Claim Cottage


550 Road U
St. Francis, Kansas 67756

Vacation House with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, fully furnished kitchen and laundry room. Located in beautiful rural Cheyenne county! Great for out of town guests, hunters, or those needing some R&R.

Homesteader Motel

785-332-2168 – phone
410 W Business US Hwy 36
St. Francis, KS 67756